Losing and Regaining Fitness


TYB Coaching is often asked about base fitness and about maintaining base fitness over the months between a typical end of season ‘A’ race and the start of the next triathlon season.

In particular,  our coaches are asked how to maintain the fitness and not lose the results of the large body of training that went into the late season long course races.

The simple answer is to have a plan!   The plan includes talking with our coaches as the end of the season and the big race approaches. Once you have completed your last race,  we can talk with you to evaluate where you are as an endurance athlete, as well as, where you want to improve.  Then our coaches can help you prepare goals for the next season and discuss how TYB Coaching can help you maintain fitness over the winter months and perform base building prior to the start of the next season.

In fact,  some interesting research has been done recently to provide some practical numbers for how quickly an athlete that is not working out “de-trains” .

Check it out here and here.

I hope everyone has a great season and, as JC says,   RACE YOUR RACE!

– Coach David