Our Philosophy

The definition of striving is the “struggle” to attain or achieve something that is difficult.  

TYB Coaching believes that it is in this struggle that the athlete discovers their true self.  The struggle does not come from one obstacle but many obstacles in many forms including family, health, job and time.    This is why our work with each athlete is important because in life, bikes and running shoes … one size does not fit all.

Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.  TYB Coaching works with the athlete to provide coaching that increases their fitness to achieve their desired outcomes.  The foundation of this is the individualized training plans and the analysis of the resulting workouts. Believe in the TYB Coaching process.

TYB Coaching works with athletes to identify their personal goals and helps them to have confidence in the attainability of these objectives through our process which considers each individual’s challenges and time demands.  Our athletes achieve the results they desire!

Strive,  Believe, Achieve!