Studio Services


Ongoing 8 week classes are designed to improve your fitness – and your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

After a Week 1 “test set”, each following week provides workouts designed to improve your power and fitness.  Utilizing the Computrainer, each consecutive workouts will be based off percentages of your first week’s FTP.  So, EVERYONE will be participating in the same workout regardless of fitness.  50% is the same for everyone!

Utilizing 12 Computrainers and a projector to a 9 x 12 wall, you will not only feel the fun of the workout, but will have direct and constant feedback during the workout – including power via watts, heart rate, power to weight ratio, and more!  After each class, you are automatically emailed a workout summary with all of the data from the previous class.

8 week classes start at only $190, before any discounts, for the session.  To sign up for the next session, click HERE.


Along with the ongoing Computrainer Multirider Classes, the Computrainers also have the ability to “Just Ride”.

With over 600 preloaded courses,  and the ability to download ANY course, this setting is PERFECT for any athlete looking to ride a controlled ride in a controlled environment with all of the data accompanying via the Computrainer – OR for the athlete who has a race in another area / state that wants to “preride” the course without actually physically riding the course in the other area.

Also, for certain courses, Computrainer offers “Real Course Videos” – for which you can not only “feel” the course – but also see and watch the physical course as you ride the given course.

Ride the specific course YOU want starting at only $20.  To reserve your slot to ride the course YOU want, click HERE.


 In addition to the various Computrainer Services, the TYB Studio is also headquarters for recovery with the state of the art RecoveryPump System.

RecoveryPump has revolutionized the way in which athletes can now recover after every training session. Used during passive rest time to simulate an active recovery session, RecoveryPump’s unique compression sequence is designed to rapidly accelerate the body’s reabsorption of metabolic waste. This allows the body to recover more quickly without expending further energy resources.

By accelerating the natural recovery process, RecoveryPump allows athletes to have better quality workouts, higher weekly training volume and reduces the risk of injury.

Only $20 for each 30 minute session.  Book your session with the RecoveryPump and recover faster!  Click HERE to book your session.