TYB Studio FAQ

Do I need to bring my trainer to the Studio?

 You do NOT need to bring your trainer to the studio.  Bring your bike, bike gear, fluids, towel, heart rate monitor, and a trainer skewer (if you have one) – and you are good to go!

What do I do when I arrive at the Studio?

After arriving at least 10 minutes before your class time, we will set your bike up on one of the Computrainers.  Once we are ready to begin, we will press start and the workout begins!  At this point, all you have to do is pedal at an even cadence to bring home a SOLID workout.  Sounds simple enough!

What is my FTP?  And why is Power so Important?

Your FTP is your Functional Threshold Power.  This is, in theory, the power that you can hold for one hour.  As you will see, most of the data related to your ride (Intensity Factor, Training Stress Score, and more) is all derived from your FTP.  After setting your FTP in the first workout, every progressive workout will be based on percentages of your FTP – depending on what the goal of the workout will be for the day.

Power is power and true.  That is 200 watts today is 200 watts next week.  Although rate is a quantifiable number, sometime your 150 heart rate today does not equal your 150 heart rate next week.  Heart rate is influenced and affected by heat, hydration, nutrition, recovery, fitness and more.  Whereas, power is power – today, tomorrow, and next week.

What is a Computrainer?

A Computrainer is a bike trainer on steroids.  In our case, the 12 Computrainers are hooked into one computer.  And, this computer controls all the Computrainers allowing you to ride with 11 of your closest friends.  Either in a workout mode – or in a course mode.  Utilizing a projector, you will see many different data points throughout your ride – including your current power, average power, heart rate, TSS, speed, distance, and many more!

The Computrainer is a GREAT tool as it allows for a very direct and quality workout session with live data seen throughout the workout.

How much bike fitness can I expect to gain?

While everyone is different, we fully expect you to gain bike fitness.  Everyone is different – and everyone’s ability to do more riding during the week is different.  But, after between our last two sessions, the participants increased their FTP by an average of over 15%!